Who is Areia Cobb???

Areia is a published author and speaker, who believes that if self-love and identity are instilled in children, they will grow to be adults who know, believe in and love who they are! 

Her years at Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc (TBS) positioning world class brands and writing commercials and press releases helped to develop her skills as a writer.  The attention to detail and creative execution needed to perform her duties were key when she wrote her first Children’s Book, My Kind of Mein 2012.   Released with a four-day book tour throughout Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas, the experience allowed her to engage with young readers and their parents face to face, and discuss the bullying epidemic.

From schools to churches, radio to T.V., My Kind of Me has afforded Areia the opportunity to reach audiences of various ages and ethnicities.  Following the tour, she visited several schools around the Atlanta Metro to continue the discussion. In 2013, she was the Keynote Speaker of the Dream Keepers Awardsin Cleveland, TN and the host for the Saving Our Children and Families(SOCAF) Awards.  In 2015 Areia released a children’s book that focuses on believing in your dreams, titled Real Imagination.   Elementary Schools once again welcomed her in their doors, and she was able to share both stories with appropriate grade levels.

Areia has even developed an Educational Program targeting Elementary Schools that encourages faculty/student relationship building.  The program uses My Kind of Me as a text and adds relevant activities to take a deeper dive into Bullying, Self-Efficacy and Peer Advocacy.  Teachers have already been successful in using My Kind of Me as a classroom guide, and Areia believes that success should be shared with others.  For this reason, she is  currently working to get this program implemented into Elementary Schools across the country.

Areia is from Kansas City, MO, and currently lives in Georgia with her husband and their two sons, who are the main characters of her children’s books.